21 Mar

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Beans for weight-loss and it's benefits.

Green Coffee beans are basically coffee seeds in the purest and most Natural form, unlike our regular coffee they have not gone through the roasting process.

The coffee trees which appear in bush-like form forms produces this seeds which comes in a form of a cherry and are sometimes called Coffee Cherry fruits.

Green coffee has become very popular due to its recently discovered ability to boost health and burn down fat, after its discovery in the last decade there became an increased demand for it all over the world but getting it posed a very big challenge. Not all countries has a climate that supports the growth of Coffee plants so it became necessary for vendors to travel to countries with whose climates permits the growth of this coffee trees.


Green coffee is basically consumes for weighloss, burning of fat and generally body detox, the Green coffee bean extract also helps to regulate blood sugar level.

I know you would be wondering if you can get it in Nigeria?

The Answer to the above is YES,

To order for your Green Coffee Beans all you need to do is place an order through https://order@iarasnigeria.com

Note, the most active ingredient in the Green Coffee bean which is Chlorogenic Acid is not suitable for kids below 5 years and pregnant women.


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